How to get a good Net Promoter Score

How NPS is calculated, and the scale to measure your NPS performance

As we have discussed about the calculation of NPS, now we will flash the spotlight on “What is a good Net Promoter Score?” It has been seen that there are four broad categories in which the respondents are arranged after assessing their ratings. It is obvious that scores from 0 – 6 are not considered good at all. The reason being, that, they are given by detractors, the customers who are not willing to refer or advise the services of your business or company to any of their friends, colleagues or acquaintances.

The scores 7 or 8 can be appreciated to some extent as these respondents are neutrals. They may or may not recommend your company to others. However, the scores 9 and 10 are good as these are rated by passives and would surely suggest your services to others.

Net Promoter Score has become one of the most important tools for estimating the loyalty of customers towards your company or business. It helps you to reach to your clients and get their feedback, also known as Voice of the Customer. There are several benefits of conducting customer research. First and foremost is that it acts as a successful medium to scrutinize the satisfaction level of customers. The feedback from clients assists the organization to learn about the glitches in the business strategy, services and the products that leaves the customers unsatisfied.

Moreover, it even helps the business to act accordingly in order to accomplish the customization of products and services to successfully cater and meet the needs and requirements of almost every client. In addition, with the help of this system, you become knowledgeable about the things the company needs to develop for delivering much better solutions. A proper implementation of the system may end up resulting in heightening up of business profits.

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