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By Adam Dorrell
CEO CustomerGauge

Bring the Voice of Customer into the heart of your organization with powerful tools to share feedback, scores and other information internally.

Get colleagues excited and drive innovation based on the outside, authoritative feedback of the “Ultimate CEO” – your customers.

Make feedback the engine of innovation

One in a thousand comments contains a groundbreaking business idea. CustomerGauge gives you the power to connect these ideas with the people who can make them happen!

CustomerGauge uses the Net Promoter® System, a simple, two-question survey easily understood by both customers and executives.

Directly communicate with your customers through a powerful, highly configurable email system that consistently delivers a 25% response rate.

Take the guesswork out of loyalty.

A clean, intuitive Dashboard displays your organization’s Net Promoter Score, Engagement Rate, and Response time, and benchmarks your performance against other businesses in B2B or B2C.

Understand trends, what you do well, and what you need to improve in real time. Identify the root cause of issues, and have the confidence to make change based on objective information.

Drill down into multiple segments, including time period, geography, division, and more.

Analytics that can cut through steel

A simple survey tool and a spreadsheet gives you data, but CustomerGauge gives you insights, sliced in eight different reports and accessible at the click of a mouse.

Keep and exceed customer promises by automatically alerting staff to customer issues, and tracking through the system until close.

Learn how to solve customer pain points, and turn even Detractors into powerful Promoters of your business.

Resolve issues before they become problems

Have you ever felt frustrated by poor customer service? You can make sure your own customers never need to feel the same, issue by issue, as they are raised.

Inspiring Case Studies of retain your revenue.

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