Turn NPS into a Customer Feedback System

Put your NPS into action, activating the voice of your customer

In order to calculate Net promoter Score effectively it is initially required to get the percentage of respondents categorized under both detractors as well as promoters. Then the percentage of detractors is deducted from the percentage of promoters.

There are a plethora of platforms and channels through which clients speak in a variety of languages. Some solutions are required in order to listen to those consumer voices and elucidate the intricacies. Immediate response and real time listening are two highly effectual and proven core components being used skillfully for a successful EFM, Enterprise Feedback Management and VOC, Voice of the Customers. There are several service providers available that do not only let your business or company to capture and scrutinize the Voice of the Customers but also assists to pursue thoroughly, track as well as act effectively on those discussions. It helps in reaping great benefits to the organizations.

In order to get the best of NPS, one must consider conducting surveys on regular basis across diverse platforms and must act upon the customer concerns competently.

Voice of the customer

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