Net Promoter Score for Customer Experience Management

Discover how to combine NPS with CEM to improve Customer Loyalty

People find single question surveys as that of Net Promoter, more interesting and less stressful. So, they are more inclined towards participating in such surveys. But, in order to be able to eliminate customer attrition and turn detractors into promoters, implementing a structured survey is important. After a customer survey has been launched, its results can help you on three areas, as-

  • Invest in the power of promoters so as to widen your horizons
  • Identify and convalesce detractors to avoid an negative publicity
  • Gain an insight into the measures you need to implement so as to enhance customer experience the way they like it to.

While those were the ways how a planned survey can benefit your business in the long term. “An improper survey does no good, but absolute wastage of time and resources”, says Michael, the marketing Head of an SME in California. So, the kind of questionnaire you prepare must be appropriate enough, in order to ensure that qualitative responses will be generated; which in turn will let your business respond back to the feedbacks.

Conclusively, to know how well your business thrives in future, you have to implement the very best strategies to know how your present day customers feel for your products and services. And, in this quest, NPS can prove to the ultimate tool for improving customer experience with a unified approach.

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