NPS Industy Benchmarks 2014

Industry Reports Net Promoter Score 2014

After learning a brief about NPS, here we will discuss about its industry benchmarks. The NPS of several companies prevailing in a particular area is calculated, based on which they are ranked. The result for Net Promoter Industry Benchmarks is released every year by Satmetrix. It is a company that offers Net promoter Software based on cloud for every company or enterprise whether it is a small, medium or large scale. The Net Promoter Industry Benchmarks for the year 2014 have been released by the company.

As per the declaration, the report incorporated more than two hundred companies and brands across twenty two industrial sectors prevailing in the United States. These sectors comprise of insurance, online services, technology, telecommunications, electronics, travel, retail stores, hospitality as well as financial services.

The company’s data scientist, Brenda Rocks, revealed that apart from the companies’ rankings to Net Promoter Score, the 2014 report also presents a direct insight into the credentials of everyday experiences of consumers driving more loyalty and the essentials to get more loyalties. The leaders of Net Promoter Score in their respective industries have fastened their seat belts to amplify customer retention and acquisition.

A quick note on NPS, Net Promoter Score

Today, almost every entrepreneur, whether running a large or small scale company or business, is quite well knowledgeable about NPS, Net Promoter Score, and its benefits. NPS is basically a one question survey that helps in gauging the loyalty of the customers regarding any business or a company. NPS has become one of the top successful and highly proven tools in the market that has helped a plethora of companies and organizations to make an advancement regarding their products and services. The question asked in the survey is that “How likely are you to recommend our business or company to your family, friends, colleagues or any other connections?”

Find the Net Promoter Score benchmarks for all industries below.

In electronics and technology industry benchmarks, Apple has gained the top position. The company has got highest score in all three categories – smartphones, tablet and laptop computers. Apple iPad scored 66 points followed by Kindle with 59 points, in tablet computer sector. Under the category of laptops, Apple still led with 72 points followed by HP with 46 points.

This year, Pandora with 56 points took over Netflix with 54 points in online entertainment category. Blockbuster On Demand was ranked lowest with 11 points this year. is again announced the leader this year with 64 points knocking out with 60 points while received 54 points only. Unfortunately, Google Shopping has acquired the last place this year receiving only 19 points.

This year, according to the Industry Benchmarks results by Satmetrix, the scores of 19 of 22 banks have increased dramatically. Bank of America finally managed to grab the top position which was announced as the worst performer in 2012. USAA not only led the loyalty ratings in the category of banking with 81 points but also in automotive insurance with the same 81 points apart from home/contents insurance with 84 points. While HSBC is amongst the lowest ones that managed to gather only 14 points.

As mentioned earlier, USAA is the leader with 81 points in both the categories, auto insurance and home/contents insurance. In the auto insurance sector, State Farm has gained the biggest augment in 2014 with 60 points, which is an increase of 15 points in contrast to 2013, and has attained second position. 21st Century and Travelers both got successful in accumulating 29 and 28 points respectively, announced as the bottom companies in the category. State Farm leads the life insurance sector with 45 points followed by New York Life with 34 points. Liberty Mutual is at the last position with only 14 points. In the health insurance sector Kaiser Permanente is leading with 40 points. Humana with 32 points knocked out Medicare with 27 points this year.

Noticeably, in contrast to 2013, there has been drastic change in the leader position of the industry benchmarks of 2014. This year, Walgreens got successful in achieving the top position with 42 points leaving behind the last year’s leader Walmart Pharmacy. Under the category of supermarket/grocery store, Wegmans is leading with 61 points. Unfortunately, the leader of the last four years, Trader Joe, slipped to fourth place. Costco with 82 points is dominating the category of specialty/departmental stores, leaving behind Walmart and Kmart.

DirectTV is amongst the top scorers with 34 points in satellite/cable service category, defeating the leader of 2013, Verizon that scored 32 points this year. Under the benchmarks of cellular phone service, TracFone is again a leader with 39 points followed by Cricket with 34 points. According to the Industry Benchmarks results 2014, Sprint performed worst in this category by scoring just 5 points. In the category of internet service, Brighthouse Networks is at the leader position with 20 points leaving behind Verizon.

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