About the Net Promoter Score and System

From NPS to Net Promoter System

Every successful business enterprise is aimed at making its customers happy; but the challenge here is to determine their expectations and experiences from your services. Now, one must not name here the traditional customer satisfaction programs, for they are least helpful in timely and individualized implementation of customer feedback. Therefore, a different approach is needed for more fruitful results, which in turn brings us to Net Promoter System (NP System).

Knowing What NP System is all about

Going to the basics, Net Promoter System is simply a management philosophy; to analyze and act upon customer loyalty data that primarily works on an established metric, called the Net Promoter Score (NPS). Wondering how it works? Allow us! It includes a one question survey that lets you gauge how well your business is prospering depending upon the score, which is categorized on the scale of 0-10, as-

  1. A score lying between 0-6 indicates detractors or unsatisfied clients.
  2. A score of 7 or 8 hints towards passive clients or the neutral ones.
  3. Thirdly, 9 or a perfect 10 shows promoters or happy clients who are willing to recommend your products and services to friends and colleagues.

In order to reach the final score, you will be required to calculate percentage of detractors and promoters separately; followed by deduction of the % of detractors from that of promoters. The final numbers so obtained, present clear picture of a company’s reputation in the eyes of its loyal patrons.

However, many-a-times questions crop up over the efficacy of NPS as a reliable support system. Thus, it is to be understood here that it is not the score that is inept, but the approach that lacks in generating productive results.

Delineating the NP System from NP Score

The simplicity of NPS often leads to a misinterpretation that the whole process is all about one question and its resultant score. But, that is not true! Rather, this is the prime reason as to why majority of the times outcomes fail to turn up as expected. Contrary to regular notions, the score is sheer beginning of an idea, in simple terms ‘the catalyst’, that is meant for transparent accountability via NP System.

So, if you intend to experience a real change in your sales graph, then focus on the entire system. In fact, reviews from Heads of the top ranked companies also suggest proper implementation of feature laden Net Promoter System so as to reduce churn, elevate sales and widen customer base, all-encompassing.

In order to get the best of NPS, one must consider conducting surveys on regular basis across diverse platforms and must act upon the customer concerns competently.

Now that we know how Net Promoter System can contribute to a business’s growth, we must head further towards basic requirements of NP System to ensure improved efficiency. On the whole, it is a three step process that is dependent on-

  • Conducting opinion surveys on a regular basis, so as to gauge customers’ attitude and distribute them amongst groups of promoters, detractors and passives.
  • At the second stage, one needs to develop processes for closed-loop feedbacks, analyzing customer behavior and action plans to woo detractors and turn them into profitable promoters.
  • Performing well on the economic front must be the top priority, by encouraging customers- to invest more in your services, stay for long and tell others.

However, as is the case with any business plan, outcomes remain swerving unless the execution part is feeble. Therefore, here are a few tasks that need to be performed for a result-oriented NP System…

  • Accurate Scorekeeping: Since the customer expectations change randomly so, it becomes vital to test and fine-tune survey strategies from time-to-time, so as to ensure that the Net Promoter Scores are up-to-the-mark.
  • Searching the Root-Cause: As an enterprise, you can afford to leave the entire process to marketing team; instead, there are a questions that need to raised, like- why the particular program failed, what are the expectations of customers or what needs to be done to change a specific situation, etc.
  • Commitment to Success: Simply committing to the system does not generate results. But as a leader, one must commit and communicate to the organization on the whole, so as to clearly work up on principles that underlie.

By now, you must have realized how NP System helps bridging the gap between customers and service providers. Beginning with a simple question, this survey actually turns out to be a substantial tool for retaining old clients and attracting new ones by giving you hold over three aspects with respect to customers- overall experience, chances of repurchase and probable prospects of recommendation.

To sum it up, the Net Promoter approach is all about treating and valuing your customers, the way you would expect them to, had you been in their place. So, make the most of this Golden rule to ensure a happy clientele and realize your business goals at steadfast pace.

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