Activate the Voice of your Customer

Use Net Promoter Score to improve Customer Loyalty

It has been said famously by Peter Drucker that “The purpose of business is to create a customer”. However, the purpose of VOC is to:

  • Advance the products and services of your company in a way to draw more new consumers, and
  • Retain your old customers that have been already created.

VOC is very much valuable for every enterprise, whether it is a small, medium or large scale. By listening and acting on the active voice of your customers, you can make your products and services much better and can deliver one of the best solutions to them.

The fact that makes it so valuable is that apart from this, there is no other effectual way that helps any business or company to understand exactly about the real time experiences and expectations of their customers, both in the terms of quality and quantity. A number of businesses have reaped a lot of profits with the help of an active Voice of the Customers system and have reached some top sky high limits too.

An effective working of VOC

After getting to know a lot about Voice of the Customer, now we will make you knowledgeable about an effective working of the whole Voice of the Customer system. There are a number of mechanisms and channels through which you can hear Voice of the Customer. To name a few are focus groups, personal interviews as well as a few ethnographic studies. But all these are traditional ones. Now, with the advancement of technology, the mechanisms to hear Voice of the Customer have changed tremendously.

VOC in the latest generation is conducted on a much larger scale than ever before. This is just because of the power of the internet. A random sample of your customers is no longer required. An active and effective conversation can be done with every customer through various channels. It can be done with the help of e-mails, social media services, socializing websites, SMSs as well as through web intercept too.

In order to get an unsolicited feedback, social websites can be used while if you are looking for some solicited feedbacks from your customers, e-mails, SMSs and web intercepts are best to be used to listen to the voice of the customer. With the help of all these, a comprehensive image of the experience your company is delivering to the consumers can be build. Once the picture is created, the information can be gathered and kept with the organization for further processes.

Features of a perfect VOC program

One of the best VOC programs must have the following features to get the most of it

  • The voice of the employee must be incorporated in it.
  • It must deliver the business results and clear ROI.
  • It must be well connected to a variety of feedback across data channels.
  • There must be an automatic collaboration across functional departments.
  • It must control the reports and dashboards that exhibit and assimilate the information through multiple customer voice regardless of time, survey or source.

In order to get the best possible results and reap additional benefits, every business entrepreneur must listen, act and report to the voice of each and every customer.

What is NPS (Net Promoter Score)

Almost every entrepreneur must have heard about Net Promoter Score and would be quite well aware of it. However, there are a few who are not acquainted with it. The ones, who are not aware of NPS (Net Promoter Score), have landed on a perfect place. NPS is actually a highly effective tool that assists in tracking the loyalty of the customers regarding a business or a company. This is done with the help of a simple quantitative question survey to the clients. The question is that “How likely are you to recommend our business or company to your associates, friends or colleagues?” The NPS is calculated based on the consumer replies.

How does the NPS system work?

The whole NPS system works with the help of VOC, Voice of the Customer. It is a typical term which is used for the feedback of customers regarding their expectations and experiences with your business or company or brand. VOC is also a process, by which the customer experience is collected with the following intentions:

  • To unveil the reasons for feedback scores,
  • Comprehend how your clients value and view your company’s products and services,
  • Recognize and prioritize the pain points, wants and needs or your customers,
  • Prioritize the necessary developments and issues raised by your customers,
  • Comprehend where your business is delivering the promise and where it is lacking,
  • And, to make use of all the above collected information to reap more profits in business by delivering and satisfying your customers with better solutions.

It is expected from every customer that the organization must listen, act and respond back to their voice in real time.

While most companies rate their customer happiness using a 5-star rating only, a better way to meisure customer happiness is using Net Promoter Score, taking the number of Promoters and Detractors into account.

There are multiple solutions available for integrating NPS in your business, helping you to become a customer-centric organization. Please find below the list of most well-known vendors of NPS SaaS (software as a service) solutions, enabling you to activate the voice of your customer.

Software as a service (SaaS)

CRM systems

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